IC Expert Panel AHI report

The Intel Community Expert Panel Report

Press release announcing the publication of the declassified executive summary of the IC Experts Panel report

2022-02-02, ODNI


"Four “core characteristics” were prominent among these AHIs: the acute onset of audio-vestibular sensory phenomena, sometimes including sound or pressure in only one ear or on one side of the head; other nearly simultaneous signs and symptoms such as vertigo, loss of balance, and ear pain; a strong sense of locality or directionality; and the absence of known environmental or medical conditions that could have caused the reported signs and symptoms." 

"Pulsed electromagnetic energy, particularly in the radiofrequency range, plausibly explains the core characteristics of reported AHIs, although information gaps exist."


"Biomarkers. Identify and validate new biomarkers that are more specific and more sensitive for diagnosis and triage of AHIs, to reduce reliance on traumatic brain injury (TBI) biomarkers, which were validated for a specific and possibly different clinical condition. Test for the presence of these biomarkers as soon as possible after an event, ideally within hours."

"Detectors." (redacted)

"Communications. Develop a coordinated communications strategy to inform and educate the US Government workforce. "

"Clinical measurements. Develop better methods for taking objective clinical measurements of vestibular, inner ear, and cognitive function and make them practical for use in the field and at locations where AHIs occur."

"Biological effects" (redacted)

"Devices to aid research"  (redacted)

Complementary Efforts on Anomalous Health Incidents

2022-02-02, ODNI

Declassification of the full report: Exclusive: Declassified report suggests "Havana syndrome" could result from energy weapon

FOIA litigation by attorneys Bradley Moss and Mark Zaid* brought the release of the report in its entirety 

The report is entitled "Anomalous Health Incidents: Analysis of Potential Causal Mechanisms". 

Declassified report: https://media.salon.com/pdf/22-cv-674%20Final%20Response%20Package.pdf

2021 Joint Intelligence Community Council Meeting

DNI Haines Holds Joint Intelligence Community Council Meeting in Support of Interagency Efforts to Address Anomalous Health Incidents

2021-08-09, ODNI 

On the occasion of the Joint Intelligence Community Council (JICC) convened in August 2021, the ODNI provided a press release [*] mentioning that "participants unanimously agreed to support the National Security Council-led interagency efforts to address AHI and expressed their view that it is a top priority to identify the cause of AHI, provide the highest level of care to those affected, and prevent such incidents from continuing. Participants also made clear that they will support those affected by AHI to ensure they are believed, heard, and respected, and will work together, including through the sharing of relevant information and by following agreed, standardized medical protocols."