Media reports on civilians

Private citizens report experiences similar to "Havana Syndrome" 

2022-02-24, Los Angeles Times

In February 2022, "60 minutes" was airing the documentary on "Havana Syndrome". 



A few days later, for the first time since "Havana Syndrome" was reported in the media, a journalist from the "Los Angeles Times" referred to the suffering of thousands of private citizens:

"Watching this documentary, I thought about the thousands of private citizens who call themselves “targeted individuals” who’ve reported similar experiences, including perceived attacks by remote-controlled weapons causing long-term illness. They have been sounding the alarm for years about possible electromagnetic weaponry deployment on U.S. soil, but they’ve been derided as delusional."

Targeted Individuals – Government Mind Control?

Meet the Targeted Individual Community

VICE Documentary on Targeted Individuals, the targets of electromagnetic harassment.

VICE (UK), 2017

Featuring Miles Johnston of the Bases Project, former BBC/SKY producer, referring to targeted individuals and electromagnetic harassment. Miles draws out attention to the necessity of addressing this problem as a existential threat, in an excerpt from the 2016 Bases International Conference.

Three victims of Electromagnetic Harassment, Kieron Lee Perrin, Fiona, and Shane Gibbs are interviewed by VICE journalist Matt Shea.

The documentary starts with scenes of Matt Shea attending the 2016 Bases Conference (in Pewsey, UK) organized by Miles Johnston.

Matt says: "At this stage we have heard a lot about what a "Targeted Individual" is. I mean everyone has heard someone make a string of unbelievable statements like that. But when you hear that person say that and you look around and you are in a room with 60 other people all nodding in agreement, that is a weird feeling."

At the beggining of the conference Miles Johnston refers to targeted individual Max Spiers who passed away in mysterious circumstances a few weeks before. 

Miles Johnston: "A lot of the people I have interviewed in Bases over the last 20 years... very terrible things have subsequently happened to them, because what they are talking about is real, it is dangerous, people's lives are affected and (...)".

Matt Shea: "Max took it upon himself to keep everyone informed about the ongoing investigation."

As Matt said, a known well target that Max has interviewed regularly is Kieron Lee Peron.

Starting at 5:50 Kieron talks to Matt about what it is to be a targeted individual. From 8.20 onward he shows his brain MRI scans which show the presence of foreign bodies.

At 12.01 Matt interviews Fiona (Cambridge University graduate). Fiona demonstrates protecting clothing and a special metallic storage box where she sleeps when targeted.

At 16.53 Matt interviews Shane, a friend of Kieron's. Following the interview, Shane had been electromagnetically attacked intensely and was feeling ill as mentioned at the next interview starting at 24.50.

At 29.51 there is an appreciable interview of Professor of Clinical Psychologist Philippa Garety.

Two other TIs, Naomi and Richard appear starting at 32:55.