Science & Tech

Remote cardiorespiratory sensing with Radio-wave Detection (RADAR) and 

Light/laser Detection (LIDAR)

How is individual-specific targeting mediated?

Based on the brain fingerprint or brainprint, on the cognitive model, on the biokey signatures. Based on macrocircuits and microcircuits of the brain.

How is a signal inserted in the brain?

By closed-loop/feedback neuromodulation. By synchronization  of all major circuits and by tuning to specific microcircuits. Brain hacking protocols.

Why is a human an electric entity, an electric circuit? Why does the body have an electric flux?

Because cells generate electric pulses based on ion movements.

Why is a human a magnetic entity? Why does the body have a magnetic flux?

A changing electric field generates a magnetic field.

What is the key technique for the detection of the low-intensity electric and magnetic fluxes?

Functional magnetic resonance

What is a key requirement for the insertion of a signal using functional magnetic resonance?

Spin synchronization. Spins are tiny magnets. They get magnetized by the signal and they transmit it to brain areas. They act like antennas. A large group of synchronized spins transfers efficiently the signal to a brain area.

How do algorithms and AI render the detection requirements minimal?

By correlation to cognitive model databases. By overlay on a brain simulation (electric activity).

If particles such as electrons need to be resonated, can they be increased by static?

Microwave-induced ionization or static build-up (charging)

What is the type of the signal?

The signal is considered as a "full spectrum" signal, spanning fully the "most operable spectrum" of 0.5 Hz to 5 GHz.

Are there bioreactive frequencies?

Frequencies corresponding to:

(1) Head, body, organs as electromagnetic cavity resonators (e.g. 450 MHz for head), 

(2) major ions,

(3) particles (electron and proton)

Are there neurotransmitter-targeting frequencies?

Targeting specific neurotransmitters is facilitating.

Electronic fence. Sensors in high latitudes (e.g. close to poles) allow worldwide transmission and reception. The Earth's magnetic & electric field create two worldwide surveillance capabilities. Over-the-Earth magnetic resonance & electric field chamber. Very-Long-Base Interferometry (VLBI)

Are advanced sensors used?

Quantum magnetic field sensors (Aharonov-Bohm) detecting magnetic potential