Theory - Hypothetical mechanisms

Biofield monitoring and actuation: signal detection and insertion

The signal: an electric and magnetic flux

Why is a human an electric entity, similar to an electric circuit? Why does the body have an electric flux? Why does it have a magnetic flux?

Because cells generate electric pulses based on ion gradients and associated ion movements. A changing electric field generates a magnetic field.

What is the key technique for the detection of the low-intensity electric and magnetic fluxes?

Functional magnetic resonance (proton and electron) in the Earth's magnetic field

Assistive technique: Static build-up (charging) or ionization by microwaves upon the Earth's electrostatic field

Can the detection technique be reversed for actuation i.e. signal insertion? What is a key requirement?

Spin alignment/synchronization. Spins are tiny magnets. They get magnetized by the signal and they transmit it to brain areas. They act like antennas. A large group of aligned/synchronized spins transfers efficiently the signal to a brain area.

Individual-specific electromagnetic targeting & brain hacking

 Type of the Signal (SIGINT)  - Bioactive frequencies

What is the type of the signal?

The signal is considered as a "full spectrum" signal, near baseline intensity, consisting of both narrow and wide bands of frequencies and spanning the "most operable spectrum" of 0.5 Hz to 5 GHz.

Are there bioreactive frequencies?

Frequencies corresponding to:

(1) Head, body, organs as electromagnetic cavity resonators (e.g. 450 MHz for head), 

(2) major ions, such as calcium,

(3) particles (electron and proton)

(4) geomagnetic pulsations 

Are there neurotransmitter-targeting frequencies?

Targeting specific neurotransmitters is facilitating.


Which are the sensors? Is it global?

Global electronic fence. Sensors in high latitudes (e.g. close to poles) allow worldwide transmission and reception. The Earth's magnetic & electric field create two worldwide surveillance capabilities. Over-the-Earth magnetic resonance & electric field chamber. Very-Long-Base Interferometry (VLBI)

Are advanced sensors used?

Quantum magnetic field sensors (Aharonov-Bohm) detecting magnetic potential

How is it possible to target large number of individuals?

Using interferometry, holographic patterns, inverse Fourier transform or deconvolution. Waves from different directions intersect at points corresponding to individuals.