Electromagnetic harassment

Directed-energy attacks

Havana Syndrome

Directed-energy weapons, Neuroweapons

Approximately 1000 U.S. government officials internationally have reported being affected by directed-energy attacks linked to symptoms and injuries commonly referred to as "Havana Syndrome".

President Biden has affirmed that addressing "Anomalous Health Incidents" constitutes a top priority for his administration.

While the cases of U.S. government officials receive attention, many thousands of people in the U.S., Europe, internationally are struggling. Reference to "the crime most people complain of on internet/social media". The victims or targeted individuals complain of "cybertorture" practices.

U.S. government response to directed-energy attacks affecting U.S. officials

Media reports on directed-energy attacks affecting U.S. and Canada officials

Directed-energy attacks in the general population internationally remain unacknowledged

Congressional hearings on directed-energy attacks affecting U.S. officials

Scientific publications

Directed-Energy Weapons (DEWs) 

and Electronic Warfare

CNN Special Assignment (1985) Radiofrequency weapons and "electronic mind control research"